27 Mär 2019
14:00  - 16:00

Dept. of English, nadelberg 6, room 11

Gastvorlesung / Vortrag

Weaving the Nation. Refugee Camps of the Western Sahara

Guest Lecture: Prof. Manuel Herz (University of Basel)

Refugee camps are often described as a spatial manifestation of a state of exception. Governed by a regime of international organizations and dependent on a steady flow of humanitarian aid, refugees are not perceived as social, political and cultural beings, but instead reduced to their basic biological needs of survival. Proceeding from an in-depth study of the camps of the Sahrawi refugees in the border zone between Western Sahara and Algeria, the presentation will follow two main questions: What is the role and the involvement of the spatial planner in this context of humanitarian action and its reaction to emergencies and conflict? Taking into consideration that the Sahrawi camps are some of the few camps that are not administered by UNHCR, the text will then ask whether within the camp as a space of exception, nevertheless lies the potential for an emancipatory or self-determining momentum, and even the possibility for inventing new forms of nationhood.

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