14 Oct 2020 - 18 Oct 2020

Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona

SNF-Sinergia "The Power of Wonder"

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

The Wondering Child

Internationaler Workshop des SNF-Sinergia-Projekts "The Power of Wonder"

Wonder has been popularly looked upon as an experience especially prominent in children because both wonder and childhood are viewed to encapsulate moments of ‹seeing for the first time› and the beginning of a process of acquiring knowledge. The concept of the ‹wonder­ing child›, however, is not an anthropological given, but a figure emerging from the conver­gence of literary, epistemological and educational discourses since the 18th century. This inter­disciplinary workshop will direct its attention to the historical construction of the figure of the ‹wondering child› and the assumptions, concepts, cultural values, and social hierarchies it im­plies.

Das Programm des Workshops folgt in Kürze.

Das SNF-Sinergia-Projekt The Power of Wonder. The Instrumentalization of Admiration, Astonishment and Surprise in Discourses of Knowledge, Power and Art wird von Nicola Gess, Professorin für Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft, geleitet (Co-Leitung zusammen mit Mireille Schnyder, Uni Zürich). Es besteht aus sieben Teilprojekten.

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