15 Okt 2019
13:00  - 14:00

Dept. of English room 13

Kolloquium / Seminar

Relational Work in Translation: K-drama Through the Lens of Fan Subtitlers and Commentators

Research Colloquium with Prof. Dr. Miriam Locher (University of Basel)

In this presentation, Miriam Locher will introduce her current project on moments of relational work in fiction. Taking Korean TV series (K-drama) as a starting point, we will explore how fans translate scenes in which relationships are negotiated through language into English (as a lingua franca) subtitles. In addition, we explore how viewers make sense of what they see in timed comments. The project combines an interest in interpersonal pragmatics, the pragmatics of fiction, audio-visual translation studies and computer-mediated communication and highlights the importance of English as a lingua franca to make Korean wave artefacts accessible.

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