Research Profile

Linguistics in Basel is characterized by the focal points 'Systems Linguistics', 'Socio-, Communication-, and Interaction Linguistics', and 'Cognitive Linguistics' and thus has a unique selling point nationally and in the EUCOR region. These foci are strong in research due to numerous externally funded projects (to theresearch database of the University of Basel). The doctoral program in Linguistics Basel aims to professionalize doctoral education and to make linguistics in Basel visible as a whole. There is an intensive tradition of cooperation, which manifests itself in the Master's program "Language and Communication" that has been running for several years, in interdisciplinary professorships and in interdisciplinary research projects, as well as participation in several national and international doctoral training programs. We assume that modern linguistics is interdisciplinary in theory and methodology (references to literary, cultural and media studies on the one hand (e.g. text linguistics, narratology, communication in new media); computer science (corpus linguistics), cognitive and social sciences on the other hand.

The websites of the professors of linguistics provide information about specific research foci and research projects:

Professorship for Cognitive Linguistics and Language Acquisition Research
Professorship for Italian Linguistics
Professorship for English Linguistics
Professorship for German Linguistics
Professorship for General and French Linguistics
Ass.Professorship for Ibero-Romance Linguistics
Emeritus Full Professor for German Linguistics
Emeritus Ordinarius for French Linguistics
Emeritus Ordinaria for Ibero-Romance Linguistics
Extraordinarius for Historical-Comparative Linguistics
Titular Professor of German Linguistics
Privatdozent for German Linguistics

The collaboration with Freiburg i.Br. as HPSL Basel-Freiburg has given the Basel PhD education an even broader profile. A list of the main research areas covered in this framework can be foundhere.