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Jodok Trösch's "Wildes Übersetzen" published

Jodok Trösch: Wild translation

Dr. Jodok Trösch develops a theory of wild translation and describes procedures of translation used as a generative mechanism to produce independent literary texts. "Wildes Übersetzen. Zu Theorie und Geschichte eines literarischen Verfahrens bei Johann Fischart und Arno Schmidt" was written as part of the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies.

The theory of wild translation that this book develops describes procedures of translation that are used as a generative mechanism to produce independent literary texts. In this approach to translation lies a deliberate violation of conventional translation norms, insofar as the literary procedure employed detaches itself from the meaning of the foreign-language words. Instead, wild translation orients itself to the sign carriers of the foreign language material.

The theoretical considerations are complemented by two readings that trace the emergence of this constellation in two different literary-historical contexts in Johann Fischart's Geschichtklitterung (1575) and in Arno Schmidt's Zettel's Traum (1970). Beyond demonstrating the procedures themselves and reconstructing their respective workings, this study reconstructs the poetological reflections made in both texts to explicate the procedure. The readings show that wild translation not only determines the formal form of the texts, but also entails consequences for their interpretation in terms of content.

Jodok Trösch: Wildes Übersetzen. On the Theory and History of a Literary Procedure in Johann Fischart and Arno Schmidt. Published in the series "Theorie der Prosa" by De Gruyter Verlag. 494 pages. Published July 2023.


Hardcover, ISBN: 9783110998597.

eBook, ISBN: 9783111001692