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Hermann Paul Scholarship in Linguistics 2022

The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and the Albert‐Ludwigs‐ University of Freiburg (Germany) is offering one scholarship for a PhD candidate in Basel, starting between August 1st and September 1st 2022.

The graduate programme is internationally recognized and presents inter‐university collaboration. As a PhD candidate, you will be part of a lively and active research community located in the upper Rhine region. Funding rates for the scholarships at the University of Basel are in line with regulations of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).
Scholarships are granted for one year and may be subject to an extension of up to two years with successful project development. The PhD can be done in the following subjects: English Linguistics, French Linguistics, General Linguistics, German Linguistics, Ibero-Romance Linguistics, Italian Linguistics.

The prerequisite for your application is a good to excellent degree (MA or equivalent; minimum MA mark: a 5 out of 6 in the Swiss system) in the field of language sciences. As part of an international community your PhD project should constructively add to the research environment. Scholarships are awarded based on the quality of your outline: applications without an outline will not be considered. Please inform yourself about the research areas at the HPSL beforehand and get in touch with your preferred first supervisor as soon as possible (the list of supervisors is available at https://www.hpsl- linguistics.org/people/faculty-and-researchers/).

Please note that PhD scholarships at the University of Basel must be supervised by a first supervisor affiliated with the respective university which grants the scholarship (Basel).

The Closing date for applications is April 19st 2022. The selection process will take place in May and acceptances and refusals will be sent out by July.

You can start the electronic application process on the HPSL homepage at:


For questions please refer to:
Dr. Philipp Dankel (philipp.dankel@clutterunibas.ch)